Gwall Technology

      Founded in March 2004, Shenzhen Gwall Technology Co., Ltd. is a digital supply chain visual management expert in the warehousing and logistics industry. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on warehousing and logistics related product development, consulting and planning, and integrated management. Its headquarters is located in Shenzhen, R&D center is located in Wuhan. And Gwall has serval branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiyang and other cities.

      More than a decade, Gwall adhere to the "service first, integrity & responsibility, focus on quality, continuous innovation" the core idea, serve for 700 + well-known brands at home and abroad in  E-commerce, fashion, logistics, home daily, FMCG, books, stationery, fresh cold chain, retail, 3C electronic, medical treatment, intelligent manufacturing up to 20 + industry, provide professional warehousing logistics solutions. Gwall is widely recognised by customers and be awarded as "Chinese excellent software suppliers in shoes clothing logistics industry ", " best solution in warehousing and distribution ", "well-known brand in electric business logistics industry " and other honors.

      Gwall devote to the field of warehousing and logistics, gather advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, and provide intelligent, refined, digital and integrated professional solutions to facilitate the continuous development of the industry.

Core values
Our advantage
  • 巨沃优势
    Senior industry experience
    Focus on the industry for 16 years, national high-tech enterprises
    20+Industry experience
    40+Copyright and many honors
    Continuously innovation and investment in R & D
  • Multi product strategy
    Highly mature software products
    Controllable implementation efficiency to ensure the interests of customers
    Hardware integration&Consulting planning
    Providing integrated professional solutions
    Multi product strategy
  • Stable team
    Efficient and stable team
    100 + R & D team members with ingenuity and craftsmanship
    600+Project delivery full of experience work together
    7*24HZero distance response guarantee of professional service
  • Development of international vision
    Global market services
    Leading technology application
    International brand strategy
    Development of international vision
Our History
development history
Honorable Mention
  • 紫音赠
  • 云顶赠
  • 云丁赠
  • 伊芙丽赠
  • 雅毅赠
  • 新亦源赠
  • 欣和赠
  • 希杰荣庆赠
  • 夕尔赠
  • 威可多赠
  • 童泰赠
  • 苏宠赠
  • 上海递加赠
  • 如涵赠
  • 七格格赠
  • 欧普赠
  • 洛阳云港赠
  • 酷丞赠
  • 卡贝赠
  • 金牌淘拍档
  • 金牌淘拍档2
  • 奖牌童泰赠
  • 嘉士赠
  • 佳帮手赠
  • 吉新赠
  • 广禧赠
  • 歌瑞尔赠
  • 鄂尔多斯赠
  • 从化仓赠
  • 昌正赠