Product introduction

  According to the financial concept, BMS formulates a / R and a / P specifications, makes statistics of customer owner's a / R documents, and realizes cost a / P reconciliation and profit visualization.   The system is based on the cumbersome billing mode of logistics industry, aiming at the complexity and repeatability of billing in each link of logistics warehousing, and establishes a storage billing system with various billing models   Unification. Different charging standards can be configured according to customer requirements, so as to clearly calculate and record the costs of transportation and storage,   Solve the problems of manual billing error, overtime, tedious and error prone.
solve the problem

Solve the various challenges encountered in the process of billing and improve the accuracy of billing

Achieving goals

Based on the rule engine, the billing rules are configured and refined management, providing business data analysis for customers

System concept

Accounts are generated with business operations, and the billing process is visualized and transparent

Highlights of BMS billing management system

Functional architecture of BMS system

Functional architecture of BMS system