Product introduction

  Based on the logistics and transportation needs of the end of the supply chain, LA+ intelligently selects logistics through the automatic analysis and matching function of big data, so as to provide customers with the fastest and best logistics experience. By using G3-LA+, it can effectively analyze the advantages of major carriers based on regions, timeliness, prices, services, etc., so as to match the best carriers and track the status of packages in real time, so as to solve the worries of the last mile of the enterprise logistics link.
Tracking status of package in transit

Match the best carrier and solve the worries of the last kilometer of enterprise logistics。

Logistics trajectory

API interface real-time tracking to obtain the status of the package, for the assessment of the carrier, timeliness analysis.

Analysis and treatment of abnormal parts

Screen out the abnormal parts in time and deal with them, and record the abnormal parts.

La + system core highlights

Core solution of La + system

Core solution of La + system