Product introduction

  TMS transportation management system is based on supply chain logistics marketing coordination, transportation coordination, warehousing coordination and multi transportation mode, multi base logistics transportation network design, fast business operation process, advanced load dispatching algorithm, visualization of whole process transportation, and provides mature transportation network optimization solutions for customers in commercial transportation field of supply chain logistics multi business scenario.Integrating the best industry practice business model to adapt to various business modes such as supply chain manufacturing, retail trade, less than truckload transportation, trunk transportation, and urban distribution, through optimizing the handling capacity, routes, personnel and carriers of the supply chain logistics operation, we can realize the rational allocation, dynamic tracking and monitoring of the whole operation of the supply chain logistics transportation capacity.
solve the problem

Improve logistics services to improve customer experience

Achieving goals

Systematization, standardization, informatization, intelligence and paperless

System concept

Help to improve the logistics timeliness and service of customer orders

TMS transportation management system

Functional architecture of TMS system