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3pl|join hands with juwo to realize intelligent and digital upgrade of warehouse logistics management

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Recently, supida Xijie Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as supida Xijie) has successfully launched juwo WMS warehouse management system,realizing refined warehouse management, docking DPS integrated sorting equipment, improving operation efficiency, improving the overall operation efficiency of the enterprise, and improving the intelligent and digital level of warehouse management.

  The predecessor of SBD Xijie is Shenzhen superior business service Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of TCL. In July 2016, TCL and CJ started cooperation in the field of logistics, reorganized the company and officially changed its name to sybilda Xijie, making full use of TCL and CJ Market position and rich logistics experience, rapidly improve traditional and e-commerce logistics operation, strengthen supply chain consulting and value-added services, improve it system and logistics technology upgrading, and establish differentiated market competitiveness in urban distribution, rail transportation, overseas freight forwarding, etc.

   In the fields of home appliances, electronics, FMCG, auto parts heavy industry, e-commerce retail, chemical industry and other industries, supida Xijie Logistics Co., Ltd. provides personalized supply chain solutions and comprehensive logistics services for many large and medium-sized customers, and realizes the controllable, visible and evaluable operation process. The company covers 32 countries and regions with an annual long-distance transportation volume of more than 8 million cubic meters. It has 30 branches in China and a total storage area of more than 500000 square meters. It is a national 4A level logistics enterprise.

  With the rapid development of economy, logistics industry is playing a more and more important role in the global scope. The development of SBD has experienced the stages of start, transformation and expansion, which has precipitated the rich management concept and operation experience of supply chain and logistics industry. Digitalization, intellectualization, systematization, standardization and automation have gradually become the trend of warehousing and logistics industry. Speedstar has insight into the industry trend, chooses to cooperate with juwo technology, improves its IT system and logistics technology, and further enhances its market competitiveness.

  In this cooperation, juwo deployed WMS warehouse management system and La Logistics Assistant for the three-party warehouse of Sybil.

  Through the WMS warehouse management system, the visualization management of the warehouse is realized, and the real-time data transmission of the warehouse is realized;

  WMS warehouse management system connects DPS integrated sorting equipment to realize intelligent scheduling, reduce the difficulty of manual sorting, and improve sorting speed and accuracy;

  WMS warehouse management system is connected with the OBL system independently developed by Sybil, which realizes the routing tracking of purchase orders;

  Through the La logistics assistant, the intelligent distribution of order express and the tracking of order routing are realized;

  Combined with RF handheld terminal equipment, the paperless operation of warehouse is realized, and the operation efficiency in the warehouse is improved.

  With mature products and integrated solutions, juwo will continue to support the construction of the logistics supply chain of SABIC, help speed up the operation efficiency, enhance the intelligent and digital management of warehousing logistics, and provide efficient and professional logistics services for customers.