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Juwo helps Asian hand tool enterprises -- superstar technology to realize automatic warehousing

Update time:2020-05-20    Author:admin    Popularity:214     

Recently, superstar technology successfully launched juwo WMS warehouse management system to create intelligent robot warehouse, promote the construction of intelligent and automatic warehouse, realize collaborative and visual automatic warehouse management, and improve logistics efficiency.

Hangzhou superstar Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "superstar technology") is an intelligent economic equipment enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of hand tools, laser products, intelligent tools, service robots and other products. Its technical level ranks in the forefront of the industry. It is a leading manufacturer of hand tools in Asia and the top three in the world.

Superstar technology was founded in 1993. After 27 years of efforts, the company has gradually grown. In 2019, superstar realized a total revenue of 6.625 billion yuan. Superstar technology has global sales channels and strong R & D capabilities. The company's main customers are European and American large building materials hardware supermarkets, large department stores chain supermarkets, global industrial enterprise tool suppliers, Ouguan professional auto parts chain, etc.; in the global range, more than 20000 large-scale hardware, building materials, auto parts, department stores and other chain supermarkets sell products of superstar technology at the same time 。

  With China's economy entering the era of e-commerce in an all-round way, superstar technology has increased its investment in e-commerce and established a one-stop e-commerce sales platform. Its one-stop hardware electromechanical service platform, earthcat, is a dark horse in the Internet era of new hardware tools. The growth of online business has put forward higher requirements for superstar's supply chain. Therefore, superstar has actively carried out the construction of intelligent warehouse. In this cooperation, juwo technology and Guozi robot are connected to create intelligent robot warehouse for superstar.

  Project value:

  1. Realize the automatic storage planning of superstar technology, connect with Guozi robot, carry out intelligent equipment scheduling and logic algorithm in the warehouse, realize efficient and refined warehouse operation, and improve the efficiency of warehouse operation;

  2. Provide reliable operation guidance for automation facilities and manpower through strategy guidance, and the operation is flexible;

  3. Combined with the application of handheld terminal, realize the whole process barcode management, greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operation.

  Juwo technology will continue to innovate, support the continuous development of superstar technology business with mature and stable products, and effectively enable the intelligent warehouse construction of superstar technology.