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Office industry | juwo helps to lead the future and realize fine warehouse management

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About leading the future

  Leading Future Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "leading future") is an influential first-class B2B comprehensive solution service provider in China. It was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. Leading the future group is committed to enterprise material procurement services. The group online mall provides 15 categories of high-quality goods with more than 1.1 million SKU, including MRO, smart office, office consumables, office furniture, office supplies, it products, it maintenance, system integration, business gifts, labor protection supplies, business printing, etc., with high quality, large capacity, sufficient supply and flexible payment methods Government and enterprise one-stop procurement demand can give strong support.

The "customer first" corporate culture, which leads the future and always adheres to, has gained more and more trust and support,

  Leading future group online mall

  The "customer first" corporate culture, which leads the future and always adheres to, has gained more and more trust and support. It has provided professional services for more than 3000 domestic business customers. It has been a designated supplier of office supplies and consumables for the central government, a designated supplier of information equipment consumables and accessories for organs under the National People's Congress, an information equipment agreement supplier for the organs directly under the central government, and procurement by the Beijing municipal government Information equipment agreement provider. The group has an efficient warehouse management system and strong logistics distribution capacity in China. It has established nearly 700 service outlets in 23 provinces, 4 municipalities and 5 autonomous regions in China. The warehouse area of the whole country is more than 300000 square meters, with more than 7000 service personnel and more than 1000 delivery vehicles.

  Leading future warehousing and logistics scale

  Leading future warehouse management challenges

  Leading the future, it has a number of subsidiaries and multiple warehouses in the country, with multiple organizational structures and difficult warehouse management;

  Leading the future has established a good long-term cooperative relationship with more than 1000 well-known brands of office supplies, equipment and consumables at home and abroad;

  The warehouse does not carry on the fine management, the inventory accuracy is not high;

  There is no standardized management of information, data collection and operation process in the warehouse.


  Leading the future group applied juwo integrated solutions, established a unified and standardized warehousing and logistics operation mode of the group, implemented warehouse location management, and carried out fine management on 15 categories of SKUs in the warehouse, with more than 1.1 million and large differences in product attributes, so as to realize transparent and controllable inventory and improve the overall operation efficiency of the group.

  1. Multi organizational structure, multi warehouse management, reduce management difficulty

  Juwo WMS warehouse management system supports the group's multi organizational structure, multi warehouse, multi consignor and multi business mode to realize the collection of goods

  The group and sub warehouse management is highly transparent.

  2. Product batch management to realize strict control and traceability of products in the warehouse

  Plan product coding, adapt different code system (SN code / unique code) according to different operation needs of different products, ensure the scalability of coding, and realize barcode management of products in the library;

  Set the corresponding batch management dimension for the products that need batch management, and record the turnover process of each link of products combined with RF handheld terminal equipment, so as to meet the management of product attributes, and realize the strict control and traceability management of products in the warehouse;

  To solve the problem of one product with multiple codes, when there is one product with multiple codes in the warehouse in and out scanning barcode, the system will pop up a detailed selection interface for the operator to select, which helps the in / out operators to quickly locate the information of goods in and out of the warehouse, and improve the operation efficiency.

  3. Provide multi-dimensional management reports and decision-making basis

  The system can provide corresponding reports, statistical analysis, user-defined analysis dimensions, and provide accurate, comprehensive and real-time analysis data support for managers.

  4. Optimize the operation process and improve the operation efficiency

  When the driver delivers the goods to the customer, the driver records the signed quantity on the spot and uploads the paper receipt to the WMS server to record the distribution data;

  According to the warehouse operation process, combined with the use of the system, make reasonable planning to ensure that each work link has clear division of labor, clear responsibilities, smooth and efficient circulation;

  The visual interface operation of warehouse is realized, and the operators can put on shelves, pick goods and adjust according to the instructions, optimize the operation path, and improve the operation efficiency and accuracy.