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Auto parts | Watson works with juwo technology to improve the level of intelligent warehouse management

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Recently, Watson, a leading brand in the auto parts industry, has joined hands with juwo technology to create intelligent warehouse and build warehouse information management system. It is committed to meet the rapid development needs of enterprises and businesses and improve the operation efficiency of enterprises.

  About Watson

  Watson (Zhengzhou) Automotive Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Watson") was established in September 2001. It is a professional automotive system and parts supplier in the industry. It provides a complete range of auto parts products for the automotive after-sales maintenance market, and is an excellent supplier of system solutions for China's automobile after-sales market. Watson not only provides users with a full range of high-quality accessories, but also provides industry level technical support and good after-sales service.

 The company has two brands of Watson and Jiangling power, which are mainly engaged in engine parts, chassis parts, vulnerable parts and other product series; the model covers cars, mini cars and other vehicle series; the sales network covers all provinces of the country, and the channels are deep in cities, counties and towns.

  Project objectives

  1. Realize the picking in the warehouse, improve the delivery efficiency, carry out barcode management on the goods in the warehouse, control the inventory in real time, and reasonably maintain and control the inventory of the enterprise;

  2. Realize the visual interface operation of warehouse, and the operators can carry out operations such as putting on shelves, picking and adjusting according to the instructions, optimize the path, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of operation;

  2. Realize batch management of goods; realize the conversion of large and small units and inventory double units;

  4. Realize the whole process management of warehouse business, realize dynamic inventory, put goods on the shelf and off the shelf, and automatically allocate the upper and lower shelves according to the strategy;

  5. Realize the flexible and rigorous authority management, and divide the authority by warehouse, cargo owner and company organization structure;

  6. Meet the special process point of Watson, and the system is easy to operate.

  In this cooperation, juwo technology will design exclusive warehouse information architecture blueprint for Watson according to the business requirements of Watson, establish a standardized and refined warehouse management system, and realize highly transparent and refined operation in the process of Watson warehouse management. Through standardized warehouse location and reservoir area planning and optimization of operation path, combined with RF terminal equipment, the barcode management of warehouse goods is carried out to realize the refinement of goods, visual control and optimization of operation process, realize the highly unified logistics and information flow, improve the operation efficiency and accuracy of inventory management, help Watson reduce cost and increase efficiency, and improve the overall operation of the enterprise Efficiency.

  About juwo

  Shenzhen juwo Technology Co., Ltd., established in March 2004, is a digital supply chain visual management expert in warehousing and logistics industry. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D, consulting planning and integrated management of warehousing and logistics related products. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, with research and development center in Wuhan, and branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiyang, etc.

  At present, juwo technology's WMS, OMS, TMS, BMS, electronic labels and other products are 20 + industries such as e-commerce, fashion, logistics, household daily necessities, FMCG, books and stationery, fresh and cold chain, retail, 3C electronics, medical medicine and intelligent manufacturing, as well as 600 + well-known brand customers at home and abroad to reduce cost and increase efficiency, and improve warehouse logistics management ability. A large number of well-known brands such as baicaowei, CJ, opal lighting, Yinger, BabyCare, post, mengjinyuan, XRS, Chengjia decoration and Yanli are customers of juwo.