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3pl|ziguang logistics and juwo technology to improve supply chain management capability

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Recently, Ziguang Century (Tianjin) Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ziguang logistics") has successfully launched juwo WMS + TMS + BMS system, established a unified and standard operation mode of warehousing and transportation and distribution logistics, and realized the digital upgrading of its own warehousing and transportation management.

  Ziguang Logistics

  Ziguang logistics is a supply chain logistics service enterprise controlled by Ziguang, a listed company. Headquartered in Beijing, it operates more than 60 high-level warehouses in more than 30 cities in China. The storage area of the whole country is more than 500000 square meters, and about 500000 products are sent to all parts of the country every day. Relying on the supply chain management advantages of Ziguang in IT industry and Ziguang group in chip industry, Ziguang logistics provides customers with one-stop supply chain solutions.

According to the development strategy of "specialization, marketization and internationalization", relying on the advantages of shareholders, Ziguang logistics will focus on the IT industry, chip industry, communication industry, precision instrument industry and auto parts industry. It is committed to becoming the industry's leading supply chain solution service expert, creating value for customers, and becoming the leader of the new generation of logistics.

  Project value

  1. Refinement of warehouse management

  In the aspect of warehouse management, juwo WMS warehouse management system is applied to realize the whole process systematic management of intelligent warehouse operation.

  The visual interface operation of warehouse is realized, and the operators can put on shelves, pick goods and adjust according to the instructions, optimize the operation path, and improve the operation efficiency and accuracy;

  Accurate positioning management of warehouse location, comprehensive monitoring of status, and full utilization of limited warehouse space;

  Real time control of inventory, reasonable maintenance and control of enterprise inventory.

  2. Reasonable dispatching of transportation and distribution

  In the aspect of transportation and distribution, juwo TMS transportation management system is applied to realize the task scheduling of transportation and distribution, and reasonably control the operation of transportation and distribution.

  1) It supports a variety of transportation modes (after the carrier picks up the goods at the customer's place, the carrier delivers the goods to the delivery party directly, after the carrier delivers the goods to a distribution warehouse, the customer picks up the goods on site after the carrier delivers the goods to a distribution warehouse, etc.), for some special business scenarios (such as expediting, picking up, etc.), or when the volume of goods on some lines is large enough, Pick up the goods from the manufacturer or distribute / transport them to the customers by charter.

  2) By optimizing the transportation capacity, route, personnel and carrier of the supply chain logistics transportation, the reasonable allocation, dynamic tracking and whole process monitoring of the operation tasks of the supply chain logistics transportation are realized.

  3. Simplification of cost calculation

  In the aspect of billing management, juwo BMS billing management system is applied to realize the complete billing cycle from billing contract, flow details, expense statement and bill, and the accounting personnel can track each flow data in real time, improve efficiency and reduce the pressure of accounting and reconciliation.

  It realizes the operation of warehousing business, charging miscellaneous items in different levels and sections, and realizes the fine management of warehousing;

  According to the daily inventory, calculate the storage cost of each day;

  The customer can track the cost of the order in the process of circulation;

  Bill analysis: revenue, cost and profit of each carrier, warehouse, project and document.

  4. Multi system docking, real-time data synchronization

  Juwo WMS, TMS and BMS are seamlessly connected with Unis and SAP systems of Ziguang digital, which can open up the logistics information flow, realize real-time data synchronization and break the information island of multiple systems.

  Through the WMS logistics system, we can realize the real-time logistics and billing management, and realize the real-time logistics and billing management with the GMS, Improve the accuracy, timeliness and transparency of job control, task scheduling, operation and distribution control, data monitoring and in transit monitoring.

  Juwo will continue to support the supply chain construction of Ziguang logistics with mature products and integrated solutions, help Ziguang enhance the intelligent and digital management of warehousing logistics, and provide efficient and professional logistics services for customers.