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BabyCare, the leader in the maternal and infant industry, cooperates with juwo technology in depth to realize the digital upgrading of the supply chain

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Recently, BabyCare and juwo have launched in-depth cooperation. In June 2019, juwo helped BabyCare realize warehouse informatization, refinement and standardization management with industry-leading digital supply chain visual management software, which improved the operation efficiency of enterprises. Based on the recognition of juwo's products and services, BabyCare and juwo cooperated again recently. While deploying juwo's WMS warehouse management system in China's warehouses, TMS transportation management system was launched to further improve its supply chain management.

BabyCare is a brand of mother and baby founded by designers. It believes that beauty is the source of care. Through cooperation with new design institutions in the United States, China, South Korea, and well-known designers in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom, combined with the world's cutting-edge technology, global supplier selection, integration of multiple channels, the company has established its own production system, developed products with the concept of "high appearance, high quality and high safety", so as to provide the new generation of user groups with the full range of products needed in the three stages of "child rearing" Station products and one-stop service.

  At present, BabyCare has product design, operation management and innovative design teams in the United States, Central Europe and South Korea. For many years, it has been the top seller of tmall / Jingdong and other platforms in the industry. In 2019, the omni channel sales of double 11 exceeded 600 million, and all kinds of maternal and infant products were in the forefront of the industry. BabyCare always makes products with the heart of parents and is committed to building an international maternal and infant brand with high trust and loyalty from global consumers.

BabyCare is the top three in the list of mother and baby brands in 2019

With consumers' pursuit of high-quality products, the maternal and infant industry has embarked on the road of consumption upgrading and product diversification. How to complete the further upgrading of the brand is the top priority in front of the brand. In this context, BabyCare continues to make efforts in the aspects of design concept upgrading, product structure adjustment, etc., to develop in the direction of high quality, differentiation and diversification, and constantly improve its competitiveness.

In the wave of new retail, BabyCare is making every effort to speed up the channel layout and expansion, and is committed to realizing the integration of online and offline. It has actively settled in major domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms. Offline, it has established its own sales system, established a cooperative relationship with the world-famous mother and infant Ka channel, and actively arranged the global sales network.

  Online and offline multi-channel expansion, brand upgrading strategy, put forward higher requirements for supply chain management. However, the existing supply chain management system is difficult to meet the strategic needs of brand upgrading and expansion, and the development of business forces BabyCare to make changes.

  In June 2019, BabyCare and juwo technology reached the first cooperation, and introduced juwo WMS warehouse management system to realize warehouse informatization, refinement and standardization management. According to the business and warehouse situation of BabyCare, the warehouse organization structure was planned to improve the efficiency of picking and replenishment; batch management of products was carried out to realize FIFO and stock age analysis; dynamic scale was used to automatically play In addition, it can improve the efficiency of packing by automatically matching packing boxes, and improve the operation efficiency in the warehouse by combining with handheld terminal devices such as RF, and realize the transparent and controllable inventory. Juwo WMS warehouse management system for the improvement of business efficiency has been highly recognized and evaluated by the group. At the Group annual meeting at the end of 2019, juwo won the honorary title of "BabyCare" system service quality partner.

  In this cooperation, while deploying juwo WMS warehouse management system in the national warehouse of BabyCare, it introduces juwo TMS transportation management system, realizes the whole process coverage of logistics transportation by using information technology, collects real-time information of commodity transportation spreading scene, responds quickly to problems in the logistics process, effectively controls the transportation links, realizes the whole process traceability management of goods, and effectively analyzes the various aspects Based on the advantages of region, timeliness, first weight, price and service, large carriers can match the best carriers to provide customers with the fastest and optimal logistics experience; meanwhile, they can calculate freight and various reports to provide data support for decision-making, reduce operation and management costs and improve personnel efficiency.

  Juwo will continue to support the rapid growth of BabyCare business with mature products and services, help enterprises further improve supply chain management, support the rapid expansion of BabyCare online and offline multi-channel and the strategic planning of brand upgrading in the next 3-5 years.