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Live e-commerce | juwo helps Yuanwang network to ride the storm and build a domestic leading live delivery and digital marketing platform

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Recently, Yuanwang network, the leading comprehensive digital marketing service provider in China, successfully launched juwo WMS warehouse management system, built an efficient and standardized warehouse management system to meet the rapid development needs of enterprises and businesses, improve the digital management ability of Yuanwang network, and enhance the competitiveness of products and services.

  In recent years, live e-commerce has developed rapidly. Especially during the epidemic period, live broadcasting is becoming the infrastructure of various industries, driving the digital transformation of offline industries. Under the tiktok, Taobao, Kwai, and other Internet platforms, a vast new market is emerging. With the rapid layout of 5g business, the dynamic trend of commodity information display is gradually obvious, and the live e-commerce industry will usher in a new development dividend stage.

  Looking forward to live e-commerce Industrial Park

  With the successful appearance of spokesmen of Weiya, Li Jiaqi and Simba, more and more MCNS begin to emerge and enter into the vision of more people. One of them is the remote network standing on the wind outlet. Yuanwang network was born in Hangzhou, the "capital of e-commerce". It is the first enterprise in Yuhang District to make efforts in the field of live e-commerce. Now it has developed into one of the leading comprehensive digital marketing service providers in China. In 2019, it became the first MCN in 5 consecutive months. Currently, the signing and cooperation include Cecilia Cheung, Wong Cho Lam and other head artists, Kwai hung has more than 100 anchor hosts, and its new media matrix fans cover more than 250 million +. At the end of April this year, Yuanwang live e-commerce Industrial Park will be set up in Yuhang. Yuanwang network will set up more than 200 live broadcasting rooms in the industrial park. Yuanwang dream factory will set sail here.

  Yuanwang's signed anchor

  With the rapid development of Yuanwang network business, under the diversified development mode of supply channels and sales end, the construction of middle and back-end supply chain system is imminent. In terms of warehouse management, Yuanwang network chooses juwo as its partner to build an efficient and standardized warehouse management system to meet the rapid development needs of enterprises and businesses, improve the digital management ability, and increase the capacity of digital management Strong brand and service competitiveness.

  Through the implementation and deployment of WMS warehouse management system, juwo helps Yuanwang network new warehouse to go online quickly and realize warehouse informatization, digitization and fine management.

  1、 The comprehensive process management of warehousing links includes the information management of the receiving, sending, shifting, replenishment, inventory, warehouse personnel and various internal control processes of the warehouse. The refined management is realized from the aspects of goods warehousing, in warehouse business operation, and from classification, partition, positioning and quantification;

  2 For mass order processing in live mode, the delivery time of customers in live mode is not the same as that of traditional e-commerce. Generally, a large number of orders will appear in the afternoon or at night. After the orders come down, the goods on the shelves in the picking area are relatively tense. In view of this situation, juwo proposes a solution for customers, including removing some shelves on site, drawing ground stacking lines, and directly selling popular products The whole pallet is moved to the location of the ground Trailer in the picking area, so as to reduce the invalid walking, reduce the difficulty of picking, speed up the delivery, and effectively reduce the pressure of large quantities of orders on the back-end warehouse;

  3、 Connect WCS system with automatic weighing equipment and assembly line, combine the system with intelligent storage hardware equipment, reduce labor intensity, accelerate commodity turnover, and improve human efficiency and sorting capacity;

  4、 The validity period management of commodities is to strictly control the stock age of the commodities that need to be managed, and early warning of the validity period. Various strategies such as first in, first out according to production week and first out after expiration of validity period are strictly implemented to ensure the quality and safety of commodities;

  5、 The application of paperless picking post order printing mode can reduce the dependence on personnel and improve the operation efficiency and accuracy.

  Juwo technology will continue to innovate, continuously support the continuous development of Yuanwang network business with mature and stable products, help Yuanwang network ride the storm, and build a domestic leading live delivery and digital marketing platform.