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This year, destined to be different from the previous years!

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  This year, destined to be different from the previous years!

  Under the epidemic situation, this year's 618 consumption feast is not only a test of the national consumption power under the epidemic situation, but also a test of the e-commerce platform. It also puts forward higher requirements for the logistics and warehousing industry.

  The test data of each platform and the State Post Office show that:

  618 tmall: the total amount of tmall is 698.2 billion yuan, and the turnover within 1 hour on June 18 increased by 100% year on year; 100000 merchants participated in the promotion, which doubled year-on-year; 10 million products were sold, reaching the level of double-11 in 19 years.

  618 Jingdong: the total amount reached 269.2 billion yuan, the latest record; the turnover of 187 brands exceeded 100 million yuan, 3000 single products exceeded one million yuan, and 200 kinds of goods exceeded 10 million yuan. The turnover of offline Jingdong home appliance stores increased by 240%, and the growth of Jingdong home appliances home appliances exceeded 130%.

  618 Suning: the total channel sales increased by 129%, the whole day order volume of Suning online department stores increased by 162.17%, the sales of offline department stores increased by 128%, and the sales of Suning retail cloud door stores increased by 416%.

  618 pinduoduo: under the welfare of "10 billion subsidy" and "1 billion cash red envelope", the order volume increased by 119%;

  618 post office data: the number of express delivery business completed 4.678 billion pieces, with a year-on-year increase of 48.66%.

  618 juwo help: the quantity of single customer's delivery order exceeds 550000 orders / day; the processing of single customer's order increases by 200%; the fastest order inquiry is 0.05 seconds.

  Juwo, help customers achieve every small goal!

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  During the promotion period, a large number of orders have increased, which is a test for the carrying capacity of the system. During the promotion period, a stable system can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

  Each promotion is not only a competition of transaction numbers, but also a competition of efficiency. Nowadays, consumers pay more and more attention to the efficiency of logistics and transportation, and the desire of receiving goods quickly is becoming stronger and stronger, and businesses also pay more attention to customer satisfaction. Quick response, quick operation, help businesses to win.


Every time, the real-time and accurate data is very important to the merchants. The inventory locking deduction is accurate and timely, which can avoid oversold and out of stock; the operation is accurate and efficient, saving unnecessary manpower and material resources; accurate data report forms, real-time control of the warehouse situation, and provide decision-making data analysis basis for managers. Accurate data to help business decision-making.

Juwo will continue to help customers develop their business with mature products and high-quality services, so as to achieve more "small goals"!