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Home furnishing department store juwo helps JINGMAO technology to break through the boundary of online and offline retail and realize channel integration

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Recently, JINGMAO technology has successfully launched juwo WMS warehouse management system to carry out fine management of its warehouse, accurately manage the inventory, realize the integrated management of online and offline inventory, optimize the operation process, and improve the operation efficiency by combining with RF handheld terminal equipment.

  About JINGMAO Technology

  JINGMAO technology is a supply chain company established by Jingdong, a chain brand of home furnishing products, to jointly explore the sinking market and create a new retail mode.

Carefree life is a leisure home furnishing department store supplier. It owns a Swedish brand L Ä TT liv. The brand covers eight categories, including creative home, health beauty, cosmetic bag, digital accessories, boutique bag, jewelry series, daily necessities and four seasons products, with more than 5000 categories. Up to now, there are hundreds of chain stores in total.

  The newly established JINGMAO Technology Co., Ltd. will take advantage of Jingdong's core resources such as intelligent supply chain technology, logistics, capital, platform and other core resources, as well as the advantages of products, channels and customers with no worries about life, to open up the online and offline retail system, realize the integrated development of e-commerce enterprises and physical stores, help retail enterprises realize the transformation and upgrading of the supply chain, and accelerate the development of sinking markets.

JINGMAO science and technology has a large single quantity, with tens of thousands of daily orders. It is necessary to accurately manage the inventory and improve the operation efficiency of the warehouse.Improve delivery accuracy and delivery efficiency

  Based on this background, in order to better and faster realize channel integration and get through the whole process of "design production retail", JINGMAO technology has accelerated its own informatization construction, and has selected juwo technology as a partner in warehousing and logistics to realize warehouse informatization and fine management.

  Business requirements

  Warehouse information management, accelerate the process of its own information construction;

  JINGMAO science and technology has eight series, including life department stores, creative home furnishings, popular accessories, health beauty, sports gifts, digital accessories, boutique bags, seasonal products, etc. the products cover a wide range of products, and their attributes vary greatly. Some products need batch management;

  JINGMAO science and technology has a large single quantity, with tens of thousands of daily orders. It is necessary to accurately manage the inventory and improve the operation efficiency of the warehouse.


  After discussion between the two parties, juwo has designed an exclusive enterprise warehouse information architecture blueprint for JINGMAO technology according to its current business needs and future development direction, so as to meet the current business needs and support the future business expansion of JINGMAO technology.

  Whole process management of warehouse

  The comprehensive process management is carried out for the warehousing link, and the information management is carried out for the receiving, sending, shifting, replenishing, inventory, warehouse personnel and various internal control processes of the warehouse. The refined management is realized from the aspects of goods warehousing, business operation in the warehouse, and classification, partition, positioning and quantitative.

  Accurate inventory management

  Bar code management of all goods in the warehouse, combined with RF handheld terminal, can control the inventory situation in real time, ensure that the inventory traceability is well documented, and realize the strict control and traceability of goods in the warehouse.

  Batch management products

  WMS warehouse management system can set different batch management dimensions according to the characteristics of different goods to meet the requirements of product attribute management and tracking record.

  Multiple operation strategies and standard operation procedures

  By analyzing the order structure, WMS combines orders with different structures, creates wave order picking tasks for single product orders and multi product orders, configures different operation processes through intelligent wave times algorithm, and improves picking efficiency;

  Optimize the operation process, according to the warehouse operation process, combined with the use of the system, carry out reasonable planning to ensure that each work link has clear division of labor, clear responsibilities, smooth and efficient circulation.

  Multi data integration

  WMS system connects the front-end ERP and OMS systems, opens up the logistics information flow, realizes data real-time synchronization, improves the efficiency of data and information flow, avoids errors, and improves the processing efficiency of the whole system.

  Project value

  Realize the fine management of warehouse

  Accurate inventory control

  Accurate order management

  Standard operation procedure

  Multi system docking

  Improve delivery accuracy and delivery efficiency