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WMS warehouse management system functions, you know a few

Update time:2020-07-18    Author:admin    Popularity:36     

Warehouse management using WMS warehouse management system can improve work efficiency. WMS warehouse management system can effectively control and track the whole process of warehousing logistics and cost management, which is welcomed by enterprises. What are the functions of WMS warehouse management system?

  1. Inventory warning

  WMS warehouse management system can establish inventory early warning for various varieties according to the actual situation of enterprises. The accuracy of the data in this link is closely related to the previous operations. According to the production date, variety, production team, quality inspection personnel, batch and other related products, track each information point, and provide information for product traceability according to the performance and operation of relevant products.

  2. Location management

  WMS warehouse management system is used to read product barcode, query the specific location of products, such as real-time management of warehouse area, capacity, volume and equipment limit through terminal or data collector, and view the volume of goods, space size and product storage. Uct capacity. The system can independently perform inventory operations and other systems. The combination of all credentials is more complete.

  3. Product quality inspection

  The quality inspection department shall inspect the unqualified products and their packaging bar codes, and record the collectors accordingly. After the inspection is connected with the collector and computer, the WMS warehouse management system will upload the data to the system, and the manual operation will form the quality function cycle.