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How to manage warehouse cost

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Warehouse cost needs to be well managed. How to manage warehouse cost? What aspects does warehouse cost management start from?

  1. Improve storage and storage capacity.

  Its main purpose is to reduce storage facilities and personnel investment, improve the utilization rate of unit storage area, reduce storage costs and reduce land occupation.

  2. Use effective warehouse positioning system to improve storage efficiency.

  The meaning of storage location is to determine the location of the storage object. If the positioning system is effective, it can save a lot of time to find and store, prevent errors and facilitate inventory. You can manage the storage location system through advanced computers or regular manual management.

  3. Use effective inventory method to improve the efficiency of storage operation.

  Monitoring the quantity and quality of inventory materials is helpful to master the basic situation of inventory and control the inventory scientifically. If there is a problem with the actual operation, the bill will be inconsistent. At this point, the company will lose financial losses. Therefore, we must timely and accurately grasp the actual storage situation, and often check with the account card to ensure that the stored materials are intact. This is critical for manual or computer management. In addition, regular monitoring is also an important task to detect the status of inventory materials.

  4. Strengthen labor management

  Wage is an important part of storage cost, and reasonable use of labor is the basic principle to ensure wages. China is a country with labor advantages. Low wages, employment is a reasonable choice. However, effective labor management, avoiding excessive personnel, unsuccessful work or low efficiency are also important aspects of cost management.

  5. Reasonable warehouse management

  System is a storage activity to promote the development of production and an indispensable part of market supply. Warehousing cost is relatively easy to control and manage logistics cost. With the improvement of logistics technology and storage efficiency, storage costs are also changing. In order to understand the importance of warehousing in logistics activities, select the appropriate warehouse management system, solve the problems existing in enterprise warehouse operation, reduce the storage cost and improve the operation efficiency.