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Photography -- famous brand of photography -- hippocampal body signs contract with juwo technology,

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Recently, hippocampal body, the largest fashion light and simple photography brand under manto photography, signed a contract with juwo technology to introduce juwo WMS warehouse management system to manage its warehouse in a meticulous way, plan the warehouse layout and business process, improve the business structure in the warehouse, realize the integrated management of online and offline inventory, and jointly create a "light, fast and simple" warehousing and logistics operation mode.

  Hippocampus. Life needs a sense of ritual

  Hippocampal photography studio is the largest fashion, light and simple photography brand under manto photography. At present, its direct chain stores have covered the core cities of North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other core cities and the first and second tier emerging potential cities. It is a domestic photography brand with scale, popularity and brand influence, and is committed to providing high-quality photography aesthetic services for people. At present, the hippocampus has opened more than 200 stores in nearly 60 cities across the country, providing the ultimate photography service for millions of people.

Hippocampal products - huayanzhao

Hippocampal photography studio breaks the traditional photography, creates the photography 3.0 mode, pursues "light, fast, simple", provides customers with customized clothing, make-up modeling, exquisite film repair and other services, and can take pictures in 2-3 hours. Hippocampus is also the first photo studio in the industry to make online booking and cloud commercial map revision mode. Consumers can choose their own stores, packages and shooting time online, and download electronic negatives through Mantu cloud.

With the continuous expansion of the store scale, the retail business of hippocampus is also developing. In order to standardize the management of its warehouse, hippocampus and juwo technology jointly create a "light, fast, simple" warehousing and logistics operation mode.

  Light, fast, simple, the common goal of hippocampus and juwo

  In this cooperation, juwo will sort out the business of hippocampus, improve the business structure in the warehouse, plan the warehouse layout, clarify the distribution of functional areas, manage the landing warehouse, plan the business process and operation, and realize the standardized operation management.

Light - easy inventory management, online and offline inventory integrated management, two business models of inventory sharing, effective use of inventory, reduce inventory backlog, improve inventory turnover rate;

  Fast - fast operation, use RF handheld terminal equipment to carry out mobile operation, realize paperless warehouse operation, ensure the highly unified physical and information flow, and realize transparent and controllable inventory;

  Simple operation: the operation is simple, the warehouse visual interface is operated, and the operators operate according to the instructions, such as picking, adjusting and so on. The system guides people to work without human memory and reduces the difficulty of labor.

  Juwo will support the business development of hippocampus with mature products and solutions, and help the hippocampus record every important moment in life for people, and make the world beautiful.