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Deep cooperation | Yuanmeng home holds hands with juwo technology again

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Recently, the well-known home textile brand Yuanmeng home has joined hands with juwo once again. On the basis of warehouse informatization, refinement and standardization management, juwo OMS order management system is applied to solve the order management problems such as online order, commodity and inventory synchronization, so as to realize efficient and stable warehouse logistics management and improve customer service experience.

  About distant dreams

  Yuanmeng household products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. After more than 20 years of entrepreneurial practice, business accumulation and deep management, it has developed into a comprehensive household enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, sales and logistics.

Through the layout of new retail, Yuanmeng has established and built an experiential direct marketing system. It has opened nearly 2000 counters in various provinces and cities across the country, and has become the main cooperative brand of major commercial systems in China. Since 2010, e-commerce channel development strategy has been launched, and has become the main promotion brand of e-commerce platforms such as tmall and Jingdong.

The cooperation between Yuanmeng and juwo dates back to 2014. In the first phase of Yuanmeng project, juwo WMS warehouse management system was introduced to realize warehouse informatization and fine management.

l comprehensive process management of warehousing links, including information management of receipt, delivery, displacement, replenishment, inventory, warehouse personnel and various internal management and control processes of the warehouse, from goods warehousing to in warehouse business operation to outbound, and from the dimensions of classification, partition, positioning and quantification, etc;

l realize the visualization management of warehouse data, and provide accurate, comprehensive and real-time analysis data support for warehouse human efficiency improvement, operation process optimization, warehouse location division optimization, inventory and dynamic sales analysis, etc;

l combined with the barcode management of RF equipment, realize the standardization of operation process, and make reasonable planning for the warehouse operation process and combined with the use of the system, so as to ensure the clear division of labor, clear responsibilities, smooth and efficient flow of each work link.

  With years of cooperation, juwo has been supporting Yuanmeng's business development with mature and stable products and high-quality services. Based on the trust and support of juwo, Yuanmeng introduced juwo OMS order management system to improve the level of logistics supply chain management. In the project, juwo OMS order management system gets through the data of the major online e-commerce platforms, solves the problems of order management such as stuck old system, online order, commodity and inventory synchronization, realizes full link order management, real-time grasp of order processing progress, realizes efficient and stable warehouse flow management, and improves customer service experience.

Thanks for the trust and support of customers, juwo will adhere to the core concept of "service first, integrity and responsibility, focus on quality and continuous innovation", and continue to serve customers with high-quality service and innovative products!

  About juwo

  Founded in 2004, juwo technology is an expert in digital supply chain visual management of warehousing and logistics industry. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D, consulting planning and integrated management of warehousing and logistics related products.

  At present, juwo technology has G3 platform (owtb logistics full link product line), WMS, OMS, TMS, BMS, WCS, La + logistics assistant, electronic label and other products, providing warehousing for 20 + industries such as e-commerce, fashion, logistics, household daily necessities, FMCG, books and stationery, fresh cold chain, retail, 3C electronics, medical medicine and intelligent manufacturing, as well as 600 + well-known brand customers at home and abroad Stream professional solutions.