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Underwear | ubers, a new brand in underwear industry, launched juwo WMS to meet the challenges of warehouse management brought by rapid business development

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Recently, underwear brand ubras has successfully applied juwo WMS warehouse management system to delicately manage its warehouse, realize online and offline inventory integrated management, improve operation efficiency, and further improve its own warehouse logistics management, laying a solid supply chain foundation for the next business development.

  Ubras belongs to the underwear brand of Biyue (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and was founded in 2016. It focuses on meeting women's basic demand for "comfortable and easy to wear" underwear, and provides women consumers with close fitting clothing products combining high-quality fabrics and innovative technology. It is the first industry to launch a pioneering 24-hour bra, It is defined by consumers as "like the second layer of human body skin". In the first year of its establishment, relying on online sales channels, ubras obtained 500000 users and achieved 70 million sales in its first year.

  Brand spokesperson of ubras: Ouyang Nana

  In the past 3.8 Queen's Day activities of tmall.8, the flagship store of ubras brand built a big V, star and store live matrix to crack down on super items. The no size bra items ranked top 1 in the industry, and the number of sales exceeded 100000. At the same time, the number of shops increased by 398% in Queen's day on March 8, ranking top 2 in the industry.

  Up to now, ubras has e-commerce business of third-party platforms, such as online tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, youzan, xiaohongshu, Netease koala, Taobao distribution, aicang, Suning e-shopping, etc. at the same time, ubras has made every effort to accelerate the offline layout and expansion, and now has its own offline brand flagship stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Hangzhou and other cities.

In recent years, the scale of online underwear market has been expanding steadily, and the overall consumption has been upgrading. Looking at the overall online bra market, it can be found that the influx of young consumers and the popularity of online consumption of rimless bra is highlighted. The underwear market has ushered in new opportunities, the competition pattern has intensified and evolved, and many emerging brands have seen the opportunity to constantly emerge, and with the support of capital strength, the rapid growth of which is ubers.

  Due to market opportunities, capital support, and excellent products and services, the business of ubras is developing rapidly. The original warehouse management system can no longer meet the existing business needs, nor can it meet the demands of the company to expand new offline businesses. The business expansion puts forward higher requirements for warehousing logistics management.

  In this cooperation, juwo's implementation team provided comprehensive optimization and upgrading services for ubras warehousing and logistics business according to the situation of ubras business and warehouse.

  1. Realize online and offline inventory integrated management, online and offline inventory sharing, and provide effective and accurate inventory data support for business

  2. Optimize the picking path and improve the picking efficiency;

  3. Realize the standardization of operation process: make reasonable planning for the warehouse operation process and combined with the use of the system; ensure the clear division of labor, clear responsibilities, smooth and efficient flow of each work link; after the system is online, the efficiency of each work process in the warehouse has been significantly improved;

Picking efficiency per capita after online promote15%
Replenishment efficiency after online promote10%
Online review efficiency after online promote30%
Efficiency of online and offline review promote25%
On shelf efficiency after online promote10%
  Warehouse operation efficiency improvement data

  4. It can provide accurate, comprehensive and real-time analysis data support for warehouse human efficiency improvement, operation process optimization, warehouse location division optimization, inventory and dynamic sales analysis.

  Juwo will continue to support the rapid expansion of ubras business with mature products and services, help ubras effectively cope with the challenges of warehousing logistics operation brought by the rapid development of business, and support the brand development plan of the enterprise in the next 3-5 years.