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3PL | Jingyue cloud warehouse and juwo technology to realize the digital upgrade of warehouse management

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  In recent years, with the acceleration of commodity circulation, China's third-party logistics industry has developed rapidly with its professional management and resources. At the same time, the third-party logistics industry is facing more and more challenges. The traditional logistics warehouse management mode has been unable to meet the requirements of rapid commodity circulation for logistics industry, and the transformation of traditional logistics warehouse management is great The trend is that only by integrating emerging technology with itself and meeting the growing demand through innovation, can we cope with the fierce market competition.

  Intelligent, refined and information-based warehouse management is the trend of the current warehousing industry, and customers have higher and higher requirements for three-party warehousing. In order to provide customers with corresponding high-quality services, ensure the timeliness and accuracy of supply, obtain benefits from internal management and reduce unnecessary costs and expenditures, Jingyue cloud warehouse introduces juwo WMS warehouse management system to conduct comprehensive warehouse management Upgrade, realize the fine storage and information management.

  Guangdong Jingyue yuncang Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jingyue yuncang) is a specialized third-party e-commerce warehousing outsourcing, special line logistics, express integration enterprise. With cloud warehousing as the development goal, through more than ten years of precipitation and development, it has accumulated rich professional warehouse management experience, established a wide range of distributed warehousing system, optimized the distribution of warehousing nationwide, and improved social integrity Physical storage and logistics efficiency. The company now has a warehouse management team of more than 300 people, laying six warehouses nationwide, with a total warehouse area of more than 100000 square meters. Huawei, luoshilin, Zhenyan Lishe and other well-known brands are customers of Jingyue cloud warehouse.
  In this cooperation, juwo implementation team comprehensively upgraded the warehouse management of Jingyue cloud warehouse according to the warehouse and business situation of Jingyue cloud warehouse, delicately managed its warehouse, implemented employee performance management, realized the transparency and controllability of inventory, and improved the overall operation efficiency.

  Multi warehouse, multi owner and data authority management

  Juwo WMS warehouse management system supports online and offline multi store management, supports group company structure, supports multi warehouse, multi owner and multi business mode. A set of system manages multiple warehouses and plans business process. At the same time, it can carry out more detailed authority management under the same warehouse or organization. Through the detailed management of stores, consignors, platforms, logistics carriers, etc., combined with the site With the management and implementation of the coordination, the workflow can be configured and the data can be unified.

  2. Multiple job strategies

  The system provides a variety of operation strategies. When the warehouse instructions arrive at the warehouse, the system can automatically prepare the implementation plan according to the pre-determined strategy. On the basis of meeting the customer's various receiving and delivery requirements (such as first in, first out, last in, first out, delivery by batch, etc.), the system optimizes the warehouse operation line and saves the workload of forklifts and operators.

  3. Multi code system management

  Juwo WMS warehouse management system provides SKU management, batch code, virtual batch code, container code (pallet Management) and unique sequence code management, which can realize complex and diverse management requirements, and can make up for the shortcomings of ERP system that can't distinguish materials and guide operations. It provides warehouse managers with the means to manage differences in details of the same material.

  4. Whole RF operation

  Combined with RF equipment, it can realize paperless warehouse operation, covering the whole warehouse management of receiving, sending, inventory, replenishment and moving, greatly improve the accuracy of inventory, improve the efficiency of operation in the warehouse, and realize the transparent and controllable inventory.

  5. Dispatching management

  The system subdivides various operations in the prize library, such as receiving, putting on shelves, picking, rechecking, shifting, counting, replenishing and processing in the warehouse, and arranges them into the operation queue according to the tasks. The operators in each area will automatically receive the work tasks and record the relevant workload through the RF operation, so as to realize the piecework wage management and employee KPI assessment. The system records each job completely through the log System actions and inventory changes, when there is a shortage of goods, to do well documented. The system supports various special operation requirements, such as partial receipt, partial picking, return and return picking.

  Juwo will adhere to the core values of "service first, integrity and responsibility, focus on quality and continuous innovation", continuously support the development of Jingyue cloud warehouse with continuously innovative products and services, and cope with the changing market demand together with customers!