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Excellent leading brand of underwear industry Chan Zhiyun signed contract with juwo technology to build a standardized and efficient warehouse management system

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Recently, Shanghai chanzhiyun Clothing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as chanzhiyun) signed a contract with juwo technology, introduced juwo WMS warehouse management system, realized the online and offline Omni channel inventory integrated management, built a standardized and efficient warehouse management system, improved its competitiveness, and actively responded to the development and competition of the future market.

  Shanghai chanzhiyun Clothing Co., Ltd. is a large and medium-sized national chain enterprise focusing on underwear R & D and sales. It is committed to providing professional, value-added, fashionable and elegant popular consumer underwear and one-stop shopping experience for Chinese women.
  The company was founded in 1996, after more than 20 years of dedicated operation, the current products cover bra, home wear, warmth, vest, shorts, socks and other rich categories. In 2011, in response to the trend of economic development, chanzhiyun opened brand flagship stores in Taobao tmall, Jingdong and other well-known e-commerce channels, taking advantage of the rapid development of e-commerce to open a new mode of online and offline Omni channel sales.
  In 2013, the brand was opened to join, and the Chan cloud franchise mode increased from the original single franchise mode to multiple store franchise, city agent and other modes. The channel model added supermarkets and shopping centers from a single street shop, and merged into well-known department stores such as Wanda. At present, chanzhiyun has more than 1000 physical stores in 31 provinces and municipalities. In 2017, the four core series "Huayang", "pet", "Yayun" and "Mr. Hao" of chanzhiyun were launched, opening a new chapter of brand development.
  In this cooperation, juwo will establish a standardized and efficient warehouse management system for chanzhiyun, realize the integrated management of online and offline omni-channel inventory, plan the business process, carry out comprehensive process management on the warehousing link, from the warehousing of goods to the business operation in the warehouse, to realize the fine management from the dimensions of classification, partition, positioning and quantification, landing warehouse management, combined with RF handheld The terminal can realize paperless operation of warehouse, realize strict control and traceability of goods in the warehouse, improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operation, and improve the overall operation efficiency of enterprises. Juwo will build an efficient warehouse management system with mature products and services for chanzhiyun, support the rapid development of chanzhiyun business, and contribute to the vision of chanzhiyun becoming the most influential underwear chain enterprise in China.