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Service first, integrity and responsibility

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Just entering April, juwo received a letter of commendation from Hunan Hualian Yijia household products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hualian Yijia"), in which Hualian Yijia praised juwo's service team for its serious and responsible work attitude and professional business ability. Thank you for your praise and trust. Here, juwo also thanks Hualian Yijia team for their cooperation and support during the service.

  The following is the content of the letter of commendation. We have dealt with the confidential information——


Hualian Yijia

  Hunan Hualian Yijia household products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hualian Yijia) was established in 2013. Mr. Xu Junqi, chairman of Hunan Hualian Ceramics Co., Ltd. (Hualian ceramics) is the chairman of the company. It is a comprehensive industrial company integrating R & D, production, sales and service.

  At present, Yijia has five tmall flagship stores and two Taobao stores, and realizes synchronous sales in Jingdong Mall, vipshop and other online shopping malls. Each product designed and produced by Yijia shows a unique affinity and fashion, which guides the new trend of tableware products. With its excellent technology and first-class service, it has established a good reputation and excellent sales performance among consumers both inside and outside the industry. It is the online sales leader in the domestic porcelain industry.

  The cooperation between Hualian Yijia and juwo technology started in 2018. In order to realize the fine management of the warehouse and improve the accuracy of inventory, Hualian Yijia introduced the WMS warehouse management system of juwo technology, built an information-based overall architecture, managed associated suppliers with batch codes, accurately controlled the inventory of each supplier, achieved reverse logistics traceability and e-mail report sending, and applied the virtual cargo owner function, Combined with the upstream system, optimize the account splitting business and reduce the difficulty of reconciliation; at the same time, through the landing location management, optimize the operation process, combined with RF handheld terminal equipment, improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of the warehouse.

  Thanks again for the support and trust of customers, juwo technology will adhere to the core concept of "service first, integrity and responsibility, focus on quality, continuous innovation", and continue to serve customers with high-quality service and innovative products!