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How to choose cold chain storage equipment?

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1、 Storage equipment - shelf

  Compared with normal temperature storage, the following links should be considered when shelf is used in cold storage

  1. Choose the right shelf steel material: choose the steel with good low temperature toughness and ductility in low temperature environment to avoid brittle failure.

  2. Choose the appropriate shelf surface treatment: spraying (epoxy polyester electrostatic powder spraying) is the most common shelf surface treatment. It has good applicability, economic and practical for the cold storage which is not very strict in anti-corrosion and anti rust requirements. If the requirements of anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion are high and the cost is not sensitive, hot-dip galvanizing can be used.

  3. Other considerations: for example, the selection of welding electrode for the shelf system in cold storage should correspond to the welding base material and welding process requirements, and ensure the welding quality of the weld. Considering the characteristics of frosting in cold storage, the weight gain should be properly considered when calculating the shelf selection, and the anti-corrosion requirements of customer refrigeration and defrosting process on the structure spray coating should be considered.

  In the selection of shelf types, considering that each cubic meter of cold storage space can be fully utilized, the common shelf types of cold storage are as follows:

  1. Automatic cold storage with the highest utilization rate of warehouse and rack;

  2. High density storage shuttle rack system;

  3. Traditional high density storage drive in shelf system;

  4. Push back shelf system and gravity shelf system

  5. Beam rack, etc.

  It is mainly selected according to the actual demand.

  2、 Handling equipment forklift

  Because of the particularity of cold chain, the performance of electric forklift must be considered in low temperature environment. When using electric forklift in low temperature environment, the following aspects should be considered.

  1. The influence of low temperature environment on battery capacity: the battery capacity calibration is based on the ambient temperature of 20 ℃ and standard air pressure. The lower the ambient temperature, the smaller the actual capacity of the battery. Generally speaking, the actual capacity of forklift battery is only 80% of its rated capacity at - 20 ℃. Therefore, the electric forklift which can satisfy the application time request in the normal temperature environment may not meet the application time request in the low temperature environment. Battery capacity needs to be increased appropriately.

  2. Influence of temperature difference on electric forklift: in many cases, electric forklift needs to be replaced in low temperature and normal temperature environment. In this case, it is very simple for forklift truck to produce condensate, which will damage the electrical components. It is necessary to consider this point in the planning and protection of forklift, otherwise the electric forklift may have frequent faults and cannot be used normally.

  3. The influence of humidity on car body: the humidity in low temperature cold storage is usually high. Some parts and structural parts of forklift are simply rusted, which requires the electric forklift to be well protected.

  4. Anti skid requirements of forklift truck in cold storage: the ground in cold storage is also wet and even has ice condition. In this case, forklifts must have outstanding skid resistance.

  5. The influence of low temperature environment on hydraulic system: the hydraulic oil and hydraulic high-pressure hose used at normal temperature are simple to thicken and brittle at low temperature, which are not suitable for application at low temperature. Therefore, special hydraulic oil and high-pressure hose must be used for electric forklift used in cold storage to prevent forklift problems and safety accidents.

  3、 Sorting equipment

  More and more automatic sorting systems and equipment are used in cold chain logistics center. Many cold chain logistics centers require very high degree of automation, even fully closed operation, which requires that the waterproof and dustproof grade of logistics equipment in cold chain logistics center should reach IP65, and be able to operate for a long time without failure under the conditions of safety, reliability and environmental protection at - 30 ℃.

  Low temperature logistics center generally uses RF, electronic tag assisted sorting system and other sorting equipment, which will use a lot of data terminal equipment. These mobile data terminals specially designed for the cold chain environment are very suitable for high-intensity sorting and scanning. They use internal heating system, screen deicing technology and special battery pack, which can optimize the product operation life cycle and the availability of operators in and out of the freezing environment, and can operate normally in a low temperature environment of - 30 ℃.

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