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Intelligent warehouse management system has several advantages

Update time:2020-06-20    Author:admin    Popularity:124     
Warehouse management is becoming more and more intelligent, and many warehouses use intelligent warehouse management system, so the advantages of intelligent warehouse management system are as follows:

  Reading is convenient and fast: data can be read without light source, even through the outer packaging. The effective recognition distance is longer, and the effective recognition distance can reach more than 30 meters when the active label with battery is used;

  Fast recognition speed: as soon as the tags enter the magnetic field, the reader can read the information in them immediately, and can process multiple tags at the same time to realize batch identification;

  Penetrability and barrier free reading: bar code scanners must be at close range and free from obstruction to read barcodes. RFID can penetrate non-metallic and non transparent materials such as paper, wood and plastic for penetrating communication without light source and reading distance. However, it is not recognized by conductive objects such as metals.

  Large data capacity: the capacity of one-dimensional barcode is 50bytes, the maximum capacity of 2D barcode can store 2-3000 characters, and the maximum capacity of RFID is several megabytes. With the development of memory carrier, the data capacity is also expanding. In the future, the amount of data that goods need to carry will be more and more, and the demand for the expansion capacity of labels will also increase accordingly.

  Long service life and wide application range: its radio communication mode enables it to be used in high pollution environment such as dust, oil pollution and radioactive environment, and its closed packaging makes its service life much longer than the printed barcode; the carrier of traditional barcode is paper, so it is easy to be polluted, but RFID has strong resistance to water, oil, chemicals and other substances. In addition, because the barcode is attached to the plastic bag or carton, it is particularly vulnerable to damage; RFID label stores data in the chip, so it can be free from contamination, and RFID has strong anti pollution ability and durability.

  The tag data can be changed dynamically: the programmer can write data to the electronic tag, which endows RFID tag with the function of interactive portable data file, and the writing time is shorter than that of printing barcode;

  Better security: RFID electronic tags can not only be embedded or attached to different shapes and types of products, but also can set password protection for the reading and writing of tag data, so as to have higher security; because RFID carries electronic information, its data content can be protected by password, so that its content is not easy to be forged and altered, and has higher security.

  Dynamic real-time communication: the tag communicates with the reader at the frequency of 50-100 times per second, so as long as the object attached to the RFID tag appears in the effective recognition range of the reader, it can dynamically track and monitor its position.

  Miniaturization and diversification of shapes: RFID does not need to match the fixed size and printing quality of paper for reading accuracy, so it is more suitable for the development of miniaturization and diversified forms to facilitate embedding or attaching to products of different shapes and types.