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What are the advantages of intelligent warehouse compared with ordinary warehouse

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Ordinary warehouse management is gradually eliminated. What are the advantages of intelligent warehouse management compared with ordinary warehouse?

  1. The elevated storage of intelligent warehouse can save land: in China where Diwang is frequent, land has become a scarce resource. How to maximize the use of limited land has become one of the goals pursued by some companies. Intelligent storage equipment system uses high-rise shelves to store goods and maximize the use of space, which can greatly reduce the land cost General intelligent warehouse can save more than 40% of the land area.

  2. Unmanned operation and labor saving: in China, where the cost of human resources is increasing year by year and the demographic dividend is gradually disappearing, the intelligent storage equipment system can realize unmanned operation. Compared with ordinary warehouses, it can not only greatly save human resources and reduce human costs, but also better adapt to the needs of extreme climate, toxic, high-level security protection and other special environment, so as to make intelligent storage equipment The standby system has a broader application prospect.

  3. Software management to avoid loss: the intelligent storage equipment system uses computer for warehouse management, which can record and monitor the data of the goods in storage, and can easily check and count the dead materials in the first in, first out, so as to avoid the natural aging, deterioration and rust of the goods, and reduce the damage or loss of goods during the transportation process.

  4. Account and actual synchronization saves funds: the intelligent storage equipment management system can achieve the synchronization of accounts and reality, and can be integrated with the enterprise intranet. Enterprises only need to establish reasonable inventory, which can ensure the smooth production process, thus greatly improving the company's cash flow, reducing unnecessary inventory, saving the cash occupied by inventory, and avoiding the wrong account and missing account due to human factors Although the initial investment of the intelligent storage equipment management system is large, it will benefit for a long time and save money in general.

  5. Automatic control to improve efficiency: in the intelligent storage equipment system, the goods in and out of the warehouse are automatically controlled by computer software, which can quickly and accurately transport the goods to the designated location, reduce the waiting time of vehicles for loading and unloading, greatly improve the storage turnover efficiency of the warehouse and reduce the storage cost.

  6. System management improves image: the establishment of intelligent storage equipment system reflects the comprehensive strength of an enterprise. It can not only improve the system management level of the enterprise, enhance the overall image of the enterprise and its position in the eyes of customers, but also win a larger market for the enterprise and create greater wealth for the company.