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What are the design principles of WMS warehouse management system

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There are many kinds of WMS warehouse management system, each of which has its own characteristics. What are the principles in the design of WMS warehouse management system?

  (1) Bar code management of commodities

  Many companies have a wide variety of warehouse management business, a large number, and high activity, if you want to reach the request of precision management, you must introduce barcode management. Barcode management refers to stopping identification of each SKU by barcode. First of all, multiple SKUs formed by the same kind of goods due to different colors and sizes will have separate barcode stop identification, which can reduce the situation of unnecessary and mixed explanation caused by previous text clarification. Secondly, the daily management of goods in the warehouse can be transformed into the management of barcode. The daily operation of the warehouse, including warehousing, shelves, picking and sorting, can be completed with barcode scanning equipment. Therefore, the bar code management can greatly improve the efficiency of warehouse management.

  (2) Timely response of inventory information

  The change of inventory information will directly affect the expansion of sales. Therefore, the change of inventory information should be reflected to the website in time, so as not to show the situation that the stock is in stock but the website is out of stock, or the website appears to be in stock but the warehouse is out of stock. The operations that affect inventory include: purchase warehousing, purchase return, customer return, merchandise sales stock out, inventory, and other stock in and out. After the practical operation is completed, the corresponding commodity inventory information will be synchronized to the sales system through the logistics warehouse management system, so as to timely respond to the website.