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What are the problems of inventory management in enterprises

Update time:2020-06-23    Author:admin    Popularity:204     

Enterprise warehouse is used to store goods, need to manage the inventory, but there are problems in the management of warehouse out, what are the problems in enterprise inventory management?

  1. Abnormal Warehousing: the warehousing quality of suppliers and factories under the merchant can not be controlled, resulting in errors in warehousing data from the source. If the supplier and the manufacturer do not cooperate well in warehousing, it will increase the difficulty and cost of warehouse receiving operation, and these costs will eventually be transferred to the e-commerce enterprise itself.

  2. Oversold: as the saying goes, "the world's martial arts, only fast not broken.". Compared with the traditional sales industry, e-commerce industry has high efficiency and fast speed. A popular presentation, there will be a large number of orders. Due to the front and back of the inventory data is not different, resulting in oversold orders. In order to meet the consumers' experience, the major e-commerce platforms will strictly control the oversold and even take some punishment measures. For example, tmall will ask the merchants to compensate 30% of the value of the goods to the consumers for the oversold orders. If the inventory of the front and back office is not connected well, even if the inventory in the warehouse is OK, the front desk must be able to put the correct inventory quantity on the shelf, which can not prevent the loss to the merchants and buyers.

  3. Entanglement between delivery and settlement: the "fast" of e-commerce often makes the warehouse operation in a very passive situation - fast warehousing, so as to deliver goods as soon as possible and deliver goods quickly, so as to provide customers with a good experience. If the sales are not good, return the warehouse quickly so as to find other sales channels as soon as possible. As a result of this "fast", so that the warehouse has no time to stop meticulous management and response to inventory, leading to disputes in the time of withdrawal. This kind of entanglement will consume a lot of spirit of business and settlement personnel of both sides to prove and judge responsibility, and seriously affect the cooperation of both sides.

  4. Calculation of demurrage fee: under normal circumstances, the demurrage fee will follow the principle of first in first out to calculate the demurrage fee by following up the days of commodity's detention, but the calculation of demurrage fee is based on an accurate inventory quantity. If the inventory quantity is wrong, the detention fee will also produce various disputes