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How to control goods in WMS system

Update time:2020-06-24    Author:admin    Popularity:239     

The retail industry has accelerated the pace of upgrading. Many retail industries use WMS system to manage the warehouse. How can the retail industry use WMS to control the goods?

  1. Large scale inventory manipulation

  WMS system must have diversified inventory measures. Considering different types and different ABC classification commodity storage measures, the scale storage abstracted from the physical commodity, shipper, marketing and other characteristics in the business circle exceeds the key overall goal of reducing freight volume, so as to speed up the cash flow in the inventory industry.

  2. Efficient delivery and execution

  Fresh food and commodities represented by daily products improve the delivery efficiency of retail freight logistics. WMS system will be applied to various express sorting methods, which are different from RF, lighting effect, automatic sorting machine, etc. Storage equipment is suitable for planting, sorting and unpacking to maintain B2B delivery for two days and B2C delivery for half a day, which exceeds the key overall goal of rapid and accurate response of retail freight logistics.

  3. Accurate calculation of freight logistics interest rate

  Monopolizing the competitive market is the management concept of retail companies. Freight logistics interest rate has attracted the attention of retail industry. The WMS system must accurately calculate the logistics freight caused by important links, and combine the comprehensive and direct delivery of organic chemistry. Reducing logistics interest rate is regarded as the overall goal and continuous improvement research.

  4. Seamless splicing of stores and warehouses

  According to the resource sharing of WMS system, the retail stores can detect the delivery status of the order information of the logistics distribution center immediately, and can reduce the labor transfer between the store and the warehouse by eliminating the project acceptance; the logistics distribution center can base on the goods of each store. Through the information sharing of system display, it can be classified and packaged according to the display order of shelves and warehouses, thus greatly reducing the labor of warehouse display.

  5. Push and pull close integration

  For new products DM goods, discount goods, special goods and other goods can be purchased in the logistics distribution center in the same way, and other automatic ordering methods based on inventory turnover days can be implemented. WMS system must carry out real-time goods inventory monitoring system and warning information. According to various optimization calculation methods, it can analyze and forecast the order demand of stores and customers in real time, and push and pull The integrated supply chain management of organic chemicals to a large extent promotes marketing to prevent damage to the market and market sales.