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What are the common problems of enterprise warehouse management

Update time:2020-06-28    Author:admin    Popularity:215     

There are many problems in enterprise warehouse management. What are the common problems in enterprise warehouse management?

  Problem 1: the account management in the warehouse is messy and there is no entry logic.

  Problem 2: the area management is not clear, and the goods are not managed in different areas, resulting in insufficient storage locations.

  Problem 3: inventory control and material reserve are not reasonable and inventory is not accurate.

  Problem 4: the efficiency of warehouse operation is low, the time of finding goods is too long, and the inventory is time-consuming and inaccurate.

  Problem 5: the goods are seriously damaged and the return loopholes are large.

  Problem 6: the business ability of warehouse enterprise managers needs to be improved, and the warehouse management system is not clear, resulting in the lack of standardization of management methods.