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There are several advantages of using WMS in warehouse management

Update time:2020-07-15    Author:admin    Popularity:11     

Many logistics industries are using WMS to manage warehouses. What are the benefits of using WMS to manage warehouses?

  First of all, WMS is the abbreviation of warehouse management system. It can set different wave rules according to the dynamic combination of allocation rules, picking rules and turnover rules. At the same time, automatic waves are introduced to make warehouse management more orderly.

  Secondly, for the case of multiple consignors and multi goods, WMS also provides multi location type warehouse fine management. This management mode enables warehouse staff to understand the information of goods in the warehouse very clearly, such as what are hot consumer goods, which are unsalable goods, which need to be restocked, which need to stop purchasing, etc.

  Finally, for the month end, quarter end and year-end sales report, purchase report and inventory report have automatic generation function. It also has query function for purchase order, sales order, single product, inventory, etc. at the same time, it can also carry out resume management for goods, staff and customers, so as to make warehouse management more intelligent, systematic and transparent.