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What are the benefits of using WMS

Update time:2020-07-16    Author:admin    Popularity:40     

Many warehouse logistics industries are using WMS. Why use WMS? What are the benefits of WMS for enterprises?

  1. Improve inventory accuracy;

  2. Reduce order / work order processing time and improve warehouse processing capacity;

  3. Reduce and cancel paper documents, reduce data processing time and cost;

  4. Improve the level of business management;

  5. Reduce / eliminate the mistake of putting on the shelf and picking up goods, and reduce the human error;

  6. Reasonable use of warehouse human resources to achieve effective performance appraisal;

  7. Reduce inventory cost and time, support dynamic and uninterrupted inventory;

  8. Solve the time difference between inventory data and on-site inventory, input, query and update system data in real time, quickly and accurately;

  9. Effectively control inventory and reduce inventory cost;

  10. Improve the utilization of warehouse, location and equipment;

  11. Improve the working speed and efficiency of warehouse operation;

  12. The warehouse work can be ordered by handheld terminal, and the process is clear at a glance. The time and cost of training new employees will be greatly reduced. The trained employees will take over the work immediately after they get started and can work independently;

  13. Warehouse management is highly intelligent, digital and modern.