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Several points should be paid attention to in the use of warehouse management system

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Warehouse management system in the use of warehouse management system, the use of warehouse management system can improve work efficiency, so warehouse management system in the use of a few points to pay attention to?

  1. Due to the full use of the vertical space of the warehouse, according to the number of shelf layers, the storage capacity per unit area is several times that of the ordinary single-layer warehouse, which greatly reduces the storage cost.

  2. All warehouse operations are standardized and intelligent. On the one hand, it can greatly save manpower and reduce labor expenses, on the other hand, it can greatly improve the operation efficiency, reduce the repeated labor, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness and image of the enterprise.

  3. Using computer for warehouse management can easily achieve "first in first out", and can prevent the natural aging, deterioration and rust of goods, and also can avoid the loss of goods; at the same time, the system can set the expiration warning of the validity period of goods in advance, effectively solving the problem of overdue raw materials.

  4. The centralized storage location is convenient for control and management, especially the use of electronic computer management, which can not only realize the automatic control of operation, but also carry out information sharing and online query functions; and it can be connected with the existing ERP, MES and other systems of the company.

  5. Optimize the use of warehouse space. In order to find the best storage space for products in the warehouse, the warehouse management personnel should find the most practical and appropriate solution from various calculation data from the aspects of size, weight and special operation requirements.